August 6, 2012

Questions About the Olympics

I know, this is supposed to be a blog just about running. Ok, I digress. I’m going to take a major detour here. Please bear with me.

What is the latest Olympic medal count? Should we care? After all, doesn’t China have a billion more people than the US? Try 1.033 billion more. Hell, what’s a billion people when you are looking for a few good divers, or gymnasts, or swimmers? 

But I looked into this imbalance a little more. What I found is this “imbalance” is just the tip of the iceberg. Lurking in the shadow of this Olympic phenom is a culture that takes children from families and disregards children’s precious right to be children. Unfortunately their kids don’t get to cry uncle. Maybe they just cry.

Don’t get me wrong here. China is a great country. It has a rich history and culture. My perception of its culture is that it places sacrifice over self. For a people, this can bring amazing accomplishments. But for a person, particularly little persons, it can have devastating consequences.

Just saying.....

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