September 28, 2017

A Random Walk Through Ireland...

A few shots from a recent trip to Ireland...some running, but lots, lots more. One of my favorite quotes from the prolific Irish wit, poet and dramatist Oscar Wilde - "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."

St. Stephens Green, Dublin

The Long Room, Trinity University, Dublin
Oscar Wilde Exhibit - Dublin Writers Museum 

Doheny and Nesbitt Pub, Dublin 

County Galway, Near Ashford Castle

Eurasian Eagle-Owl, Ireland's School of Falconry

Spirit of Place Project - About Fishers of Men, Cong, Ireland 

Cliffs of Moher

September 17, 2017

Getting Back In the Saddle

When I was in 5th grade a girl invited me to go horseback riding. What happened that day permanently shaped my psyche. I was thrown from a small pony in front of a bunch of kids. I can still visualize falling from that little beast after it charged toward a fence and turned abruptly at the last second. I still don't like riding horses to this day.

When I look back on this event, I think I waited to long to get back on a horse. Now, instead of getting "back in the saddle" I'm pretty sure I'm "saddled" with a distrust of these hoofed creatures.

After running Bighorn 100 in June and promising myself I'd never do another 100 miler again, I've finally settled back to reality which, like it or not, brings me back once again to training for another 100 miler.

Next up - the flat and fast Rocky Raccoon 100 miler in Texas. Time to get back up in the saddle and ride!

Giddyup runners.