August 11, 2012

Clouds Moving

Today I ran my last long run before UTMB. It was hot. At first I didn't think much of it, but around mile 21 I could feel the heat sucking the energy out of me. I think it was around 95 degrees in the canyons. Humid too. Throw 4,000 feet of climbing in with this 27 mile run and I was near my limit.

What kind of a run is it when you find yourself bent over, dehydrated, hyper-ventilating and unable to get your heart rate down? One of my favorites. Ok, while most people (including the rest of my family) were enjoying the hot and humid conditions in Southern California at the beach or in a pool, I was panting like a dog unable to find his bowl.  

But when I looked up from my trail stupor I was amazed at what I saw. This incredible thundercloud was enveloping the sky above me! The ocean air was raming into the hot desert air somewhere above San Gorgonio Mountain. It was moving in my direction, slowly. Every time I looked up at this floating behemoth it changed its shaped slightly. And got a little closer, and bigger.

The elements. They are always there. Despite their occasional nasty moods, I love to run in them. 


EricG said...

Safe journey overseas to you and the family Will! Kick some ass at UTMB. Peace and Have A Great Day! E

Jim Ellis said...

This is great. I love cloud pics. Always surrounded by the elements.

Here are some pics of clouds I've taken over the last year while running across the state of Iowa.

thought you would enjoy.


Will Cooper said...

Jim, those are some great pics. You are lucky to have such big skies in Iowa!