July 31, 2020

Getting What I Need

Today's Run - Low Tide

It's strange, this pandemic thing, especially what it has done to the sport of ultra running. All those races cancelled. It's enlightening as well, this pandemic thing. No races, no obsessive training, no blogging ;-). But really, I'm a new believer in running just to run, vs running to train for a big 50 or 100 mile race that takes over your life and your family's life.

My new routine is to lace up a pair of hoka Clifton road shoes and just go out for a 4 to 6 mile run. That's right. 4 to 6 miles. In fact I rarely go over 5 miles. But here is the deal. This gets me everything I need -- Solitude. Tranquility. Wisdom. Clairity. Fitness. Energy. 

Need I say more? 

Get out there people. 

And keep it real!