June 6, 2010

Western States—20 Days and Counting

The last few months of training now wind down to a long awaited taper.  With just under three weeks remaining before the race I will be “tapering” my miles down by 20%, 40% and 60%, respectively.  Unlike the past couple of years, though, I plan to continue doing a couple of more difficult workouts per week, namely tempo and hill work. 

Today was a great effort and good indicator of my overall fitness.  I dragged Joe R out to the Cleveland National Forest and we ran to the top of Santiago Peak via the Holy Jim Trail.  This run had it all—a 4,000 foot climb in the first 8 miles, altitude, heat and flies!  I’ve never been buzzed so badly by bugs in my life!  We had to run the last couple miles to the peak waving twigs in front our face just to keep them from getting in our eyes. I actually choked at one point when one got down my throat.

Looking back I think my training has been on target.  My weekly miles have been averaging around 85, with two 90 mile and one 100 mile week, with about 10% of that on the elliptical machine.  What I’m most happy about is that I’ve been injury free.  Recovery has been a big focus for me.  I’ve constantly monitored my body.   If I feel too tired, I take a day off, or run easy that day and ultimately I don’t hesitate to put off the next hard work out.  In this same light, I’ve been consistently stretching and lifting weights. 

In the end, it’s all about the journey.  And so far I’m enjoying the ride!



Drs. Cynthia and David said...

This sounds really excellent. I am excited for you. Should be fun with all the snow -sliding instead of pounding on the downhills maybe.

Pray tell what weight lifting/stretching protocol do you advocate?

Thanks and good luck!


Will Cooper said...

Cynthia, thanks for the comment, I will be posting something on my weight lifting regimen later this week...stay tuned.

Mohammad Yousuf Mulaifi said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful Article

Janet said...

I'm glad you're injury free! Hope to hear more in future blogs about recovery.

Will Cooper said...

Janet, recovery for me after ws is simple. I don't run for a couple of weeks. I won't even think about it. For shorter races I've been using the eliptical machine a lot for the week after the event (50k and 50 miles). I find it a great way to get aerobic conditioning, flush out toxins and not have the jarring from running. I'll usually increase the percent of my workouts from 10 - 15% on the eliptical to 20 to 25%.

EricG said...
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EricG said...

Hey Will, It sounds like you are doing it right and yes it is about enjoying the ride. Good luck and I can't wait to hear about WS. Peace E