November 26, 2013

Stay Tuned

Last weekend I completed the JFK 50 Mile. I have yet to post a race report. Stay tuned. In the mean time I thought you all might enjoy a photo of me next to this cannon. I'm fond of the term "you can't shoot a cannon from a canoe" (a reference to doing speed work with no base) so I thought the picture was, well, sort of relevant to a running blog. I couldn't find a canoe for this scene but I'm sure you can imagine one next to me there on the bricks. The picture was taken by Jeff P at the Antietam National Battle Field, site of the bloodiest single-day battle in American history. More than 22,717 men lost their lives, went missing or sustained serious injury here on September 17, 1872. The battle was considered a draw. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  

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Unknown said...

Just found your blog. Cant wait to read the race report because I am hoping to run this race at some point.