November 29, 2013

Missing: In the Mountains

When my brother and I set out on an ride up to Butler Peak, it was a perfect 40 degrees. We rose from about 6'700 feet to approximately 8'400 feet over about 10 miles. The weather was cloudy with a few snow flurries. As we rode along a soggy fire road until we hit snow drifts along the trail. What followed was a wobbly, near-crash experience the whole way down from this very cool, top of the world place that I recommend you go visit if you are near Big Bear Lake, Ca. By the time we hit the car to drive back to our cabin, my bro announced he lost his keys! Oh my. That was interesting! I won't bore you with the details, but someone had to take a long drive back down the mountain.    

Smoke in the Forest

San Gorgonio...and its 10'000' ridge

Backside of Saddleback!

Devon C Checking Out the Wild

Al C. Keys? Huh?


Anonymous said...

W T F..... We (I) want the details. YOU USED TO PUT UP VIDEO FROM TIME TO TIME.What happen ? Did you loose your camera ? I understand your 34 mile Christmas run is coming up soon. I wonder if your buddy Bino will win it AGAIN .That guy rocks!Party on Garth !!!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! I just recieved a golf ball muscle roller as a present,any other runners know if these are beneficial?