October 18, 2013

Please Don't Wake Me

We were only 5 minutes into our run last night when I realized something was terribly wrong. Across Bonita Canyon road, one of my favorite trails was being dismembered. Destroyed. Bulldozed. 

I should know better. Because I live in a place once known for sprawling orange groves but now is the epicenter of urban sprawl. Because the good ol' OC, short for what some call the Orange Curtain, once the home of a mere 1.4 million people, is now the home of more than 3 million people. Yes, 3,600 people per square mile. Only 5 other counties in the entire country have more people. Only San Francisco packs more people into one square mile in California.

I shouldn't complain. After all we have Shamrocks, beaches and Disneyland. But these new homes are slowly demolishing my favorite local trails. What is a runner to do? At what point do I go to a hypnotist and ask him not to wake me up? It works in Office Space.


Matthew @ My Little Eye Surgery said...

Start making some noise!

Anonymous said...

Shamrocks.....? Sounds like a post run aid station with a cantankerous irish blonde pouring the pints and bitching all along !!!! Progress and development ? Isn't that what YOU do to feed your family ? Sometime it has to start in our own backyards!!!

Will Cooper said...

Bino: NIMBY=not in my back yard. We need to make some noise!