October 4, 2013

Do You Long for The Fruit?

For some reason, maybe because of my state of mind at the moment, which happens to be  influenced by the fact I’m between running events, I found this conversation between Master Kan and the young student Caine to be enlightening. If you care to read it yourself, do so, and then think about what things you cling to that might be disrupting your preferred path, or even your next step toward a particular goal.

In the interest of being totally transparent, I’m the first admit that I’m clinging to more than I should, and I’m not totally sure what to do about it. It isn’t just material things, it’s also the thoughts inside my head. It’s the daily habits I’ve become accustomed to. It’s all the things that make me think that I’m not really in control.

But what is control? Is it not doing the things you feel like doing? Or is it not feeling like doing the things that you shouldn't be doing? I think the truth is somewhere inside that fine line that separates these places in which we all find ourselves. Am I strong because I overcome my weaknesses? Or am I strong because I lack weaknesses? 

Master Kan:

“The law of the fast seeks to strengthen the spirit, by purifying the body. A man may die from a hunger of the body. But whole nations have fallen from that of the spirit. Discipline. Discipline cures. The fruit of this tree is delicious. But in the discipline of our fast, no one may touch it. Not even I.

Student Caine:

“Then why show it to us master? It is already difficult for us to fast”.

Master Kan:

“To be certain you know and understand the law, it will test you.”

Ok, it doesn’t seem like much. In fact you’re probably wondering why this dialogue is even relevant to a running blog. It’s the three words that resonate with me. Discipline. Discipline cures.

And one last thing to think about. Kan's metaphor doesn't end with food. Now, do you long for the fruit? 


Anonymous said...

The main reason I run is because I like the feeling of being done running (plus I don't have a car) . Will , your not going to start walking on hot coals anytime soon , are you ?

Will Cooper said...