October 13, 2013

The Wisdom of Master Kan

Little Corona Beach - At Dusk
I’ve read quotes by runners about running. But I have not found a quote that captures the counter-intuitive nature of running ultras better than the one below. If you’ve been reading this blog you might have noticed a preference for words and philosophies from the eastern traditions. Well, to me, they just seem to be more relevant. When it comes to making it through 100 miles by being patient, conserving your strength and finishing well, this one really resonates with me:

Weakness prevails over strength. Gentleness conquers. Become the calm and restful breeze that tames the violent sea. -Master Kan


Jukka Kukkonen said...

Fantastic shot!

it's all about pace said...

great quote

thanks Will

Will Cooper said...

Thanks gents. The pic was my first effort with shutter speed. The quote is something I'm going to start using to keep my effort on my long runs under my control, not the guy/gal next to me.

Anonymous said...

pain is inevitable , suffering is optional !!! Pre