June 25, 2011

Thanks For the Memories

National Cathedral - One of My Favorite Places to Visit
This week I spent some time on the road. On the road as in traveling. On the road as in “off” the trail. Normally a double dose of “don’ts” when training. But I’ve learned there is no such thing as perfect preparation when training for ultras. Its not like I can just press the pause button on life to do this stuff.

When my red-eye flight landed in Washington, D.C. it was north of 90 degrees and 90% humidity. I’m used to running  while I’m traveling but this trip was a little more of a challenge. It wasn’t the heat so much as the schedule of afternoon and dinner meetings that took their toll. If I can’t run in the evening while on the east coast, mornings become a roll of the dice. I’ve just never been a morning runner. Waking up 3 hours early makes mornings that much more miserable on the east coast. I still managed a few very low-key runs.

Most importantly I was able to see Warren S and Martin V, two good friends of mine from my days living in DC during and after college. I haven’t seen these guys forever and it made the couple hours we spent together seem like minutes. Warren reminded me of the first night I met them. In the middle of a warm summer night in DC. Driving in the back of George’s pick-up truck with several cases of beer. No arrests. Martin reminded me of the 10ks we ran together. Like the Georgetown 10k. He pointed out that we did that race after staying out the entire night before eating and drinking a lot of nasty things. Then I remembered. Everything flowed perfectly for me in that race. Until I reached the finish line. And then I couldn’t control the flow. I continued running. Real fast. To the can. Not pretty.

Thanks for the memories guys.

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