February 24, 2011

Yak'n Aint Just For Frat Boys

I'm getting ready to step outside for a 5 to 8 miler.  The range is due to my lack of confidence in how I'll long I'll last out there.  It's 21 degrees and still dark out where I'm at in the So Cal mountains and according to Weather Underground, where I am is the lowest temperature in the State of California.  Before I go I'll be strapping on my Yak Trax which (hopefully) will keep me safe as I tread on black ice under the dark sky.  I'm at a loss as to how you Canadians and snow bound Americans do this every day in the winter.  Keep on Yak'n folks.    


Hone said...

Man up dude! I just back from a 2 hour run in this stuff and loved it. Perfect weather for running!

Are u coming back to Malibu Creek next weekend?

Emz said...

treadmill. ;)

Will Cooper said...

Got it done.

EricG said...

Feel the pain Will. 11.5 miles in 16 degree temps today. Although it was a beautiful 4:15a.m. run with a clear sky and 1/2 moon. Just $%&( cold! Yak Traks are great in the packed snow although I have seen the coils begin to unravel many times. I was recently introduced to microspikes which are incredible on ice. Talk to you soon. Peace EricG

EricG said...
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Unknown said...

21 sounds like heaven! The high will be 5 today in N Minnesota where I'll be finishing off my week's miles. Eric G is right, microspikes are the way to go on ice.

I've never commented, but really enjoy your blog, Will. Thanks!