February 3, 2011

Mega Storm? Yea Right.

I'm going to cancel my trip".  The words rolled off my tongue as I sat in front of the tv  monday night watching the "mega" storm pummel the Midwest on it's way to the East coast.   But when I boarded the plane to New York tuesday I decided the media was hyping the storm for ratings, and, after all, if my plane took off, surly it would land!

This week brought another road trip I've grown accustomed to as a working runner.  This time to New York City and Columbus, Ohio for work and then to Chicago this weekend for a quick vacation.  Despite all the miles in the air I managed to get some miles on the ground. I showed up in  New York without any running shorts but i didn't let that slow me down (a little cold for streaking so I had to buy a pair).

I think traveling as a runner keeps me 'green and growing', a preferable state than, say, ripe and rotting.  On this trip I was able to meet a very cool runner/ blogger, Eric G, who finished three 100 mile races in 2010 to qualify for Badwater (http://justamiletogo.blogspot.com).  He did this despite crewing a runner at Badwater last year under the stifling heat.  "It made me want to do it more", Eric said to me as we sat at a bar musing about ultra running and other necessities in life.  I met Eric's dad on a plane to Milwaukee a year ago who told me that his son ran those crazy distances.  I've been following his blog ever since and recommend it for some good  running inspiration.

After running central park on weds evening, I gained some valuable experience running at Columbus airport on Thursday afternoon.  I had several hours to kill so I bought a cheap pair of Ohio State sweats, changed into my running gear in the handicap stall in the mens room, put an extra shirt in a plastic bag, checked my bags and then stepped outside in 12 degrees to knock out 5 miles.   Not the ten I would have done at home, but 5 less that I have to do this weekend on vacation to hit 80 this week.

Now I sit on Delta flight 1327 to LAX listening to Pandora uploading this post via wifi.  This gig is kinda fun!

Keep it real, bloggers.


Anne said...

Only a runner would try and get a run in while waiting at the airport! Good job :)

Emz said...

So. Awesome. Will.
Running in 12 degrees. Amazing.


Rachel said...

wow, running around an airport while waiting for a flight? now that's dedication!

Will Cooper said...

Didn't make 80 last week but managed to get 71.5. Chicago had so much snow!