February 28, 2011

Snow Running In Orange County, CA

Orange County California.  Known for its warm weather, sandy beaches and oceanside communities.  But most don’t know that the highest elevation in the OC exceeds that of Denver Colorado.  That’s right, the OC trumps the mile high city 5,689’ vs 5,280’.

When Rob M and I started running Harding Trail for a 29 miler to the top of Modjeska Peak and back, we looked up and saw snow on the ridge some 4’000 feet above us. “Think we’ll see much snow”? I asked Rob.   He didn’t seem as convinced as I that the snow would be a factor today.  Wow!  Was I right about the snow!  Once we approached the Main Divide road the snow was a foot deep and we became very determined to get through it. We trudged like yaks for several miles in OC’s finest powder!

There is something to be said for running into thinner air.  Starting low and going high.  900’ to 5’500’.  Getting off the roads.  Falling face down in the snow.  Keeping going while things aren’t going too well.  Then rounding that last turn to see that small place you’ve been struggling to get to.  Then to get there!  Wow.  Every time, every opportunity, I will relish it.

Here are a few photos and a short video of the journey. 

Untitled from Will C on Vimeo.


EricG said...

Great photos Will as always. Love the video guided tour of the valley.

Orange County Jail said...

I've been following his blog ever since and recommend it for some good running inspiration .

Rachel said...

wow, i had no idea socal had such high elevation! looks like a beautiful day with spectacular views!