November 6, 2010

Where Has All the Unkown Gone?

Do you remember what you felt like before starting your first year of high school or college?   Or your first race?  The anticipation, the butterflies, the sweet taste of the unknown.     It's kind of intoxicating, I think, facing something new and outside of our comfort zone.

I remember that feeling when I was preparing for my first ultra.  It all seemed so new and different.  The training, though not too different from the marathon training I'd done for many years, just seemed more fun.  More meaningful.  The whole running experience just seemed more vivid.

Coming into my 6th year of running ultras I'm beginning to miss that fresh perspective.  The butterflies are still there, but the "newness" has faded.  My training is going well, but I know I need to take it to another level if I'm going to achieve some of the goals I've set for myself.   I know I'm capable of getting to where I want to go.  I just really want to enjoy the journey along the way.

Where for art thou unknown?



Suzana said...

That's a deep post :)

It's great that you're self-aware enough that you know you need to change your training :D I think that's important for a successful runner.

AFib Runner said...

If ultras are not doing it for you, maybe you should try unsupported mountain runs like Leor Pantilat.

The energy which comes from being on your own, and deep in the wilderness is much different than having an aid station every 5 miles. Even if the distance isnt a new challenge, the setting and terrain can be.

Will Cooper said...

Thanks Susan...and AFIb. I'm doing things a little different now in training, but I really want that new fire back. Unsupported mountain runs? Yes, that sounds great!

AFib Runner said...

Check out the High Sierra Trail.
72 miles including the summiting Mt Whitney

These might be inspiring...

And Leor has some more Sierra ideas here

EricG said...

Hey Will, No answers here. But I understand the need for a change of pace sometimes if that helps. Peace EricG

Matt said...

I experienced the same thing after a couple years of racing triathlons. It all became very predictable. I have been brainstorming ideas for a new ultra endurance event, but it isn't quite ready for the light of day. In the meantime, trekking type adventures (as AFib Runner suggested) may be your answer. If you just need a change of scenery, check out the St. Croix Scenic 50 mile ultramarathon. I don't care where you live; January is a nice time to be in the Virgin Islands!