March 28, 2010

Endurance is Patience Concentrated

No Hands Bridge -- Mile 96.8 of the Western States 100 Mile Run

Today marked the end of my first 80 mile week for this year.  A sweet milestone, yes, but also a reminder of the demanding road to come.  From where I am today, all I can say as I look ahead to the next couple of months is bring it on!

It's taken a while, this build-up to my current level of endurance.  Months in fact.  I wouldn't do it any other way.  Endurance is Patience Concentrated.  When I read this quote by Thomas Carlyle (1795-1891), I surmised this man understood what I finally have begun to grasp.  Give it the time, and the time will come.

The will to finish means nothing without the will to prepare.


Heather Howells said...

It's so inspiring to read about things that I am trying to do...I am in the early stages of training for a staged 155mile survival race and patience is definately the virtue that will be developed during this journey. I wish you the best for your journey. I hope to be able to do Western States one day. Aloha.

Anna said...

Wow, that is a great milestone! I love that quote, and I will keep it in mind as I try to build up my own endurance.

Anne said...

Great quotation!!!
Congrats on an amazing, that's a lot of miles!

EricG said...

Good luck with your continued preperation for WS! Agreed, that is key.

Athlete2 said...

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Will Cooper said...

Heather, that is an awesome challenge you have in store...good luck and, yes, be patient!

Emz said...

So incredible. An amazing accomplishment. I am soooo tempted to try a 100 miler. Sounds a little crazy though. Wait I AM CRAZY! perfect fit!

Anyway, again, congrats!

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