November 11, 2018

Life In a Center of Influence


His voice breaks through, and from the background comes a softer, female one that subtly follows the highs and lows. They move through the song with elusive grace, tying notes together from varying octaves, like a cat and mouse.

Ever since listening to a certain album in 5th grade, music has been a HUGE influence on me;  from Neil Young’s edgy Rust Never Sleeps, to the Clash’s political classic Sandinista, to New Order’s Power, Corruption and Lies. Surprisingly, I’ve even embraced Bruce Springsteen, who I despised early as a west coast punker, but who’s lyrics cannot be denied by anyone who seeks authenticity in people, and in life.

That said, the last time I listened to music during a race was at the Bishop High Sierra 100k five years ago. I concluded then that I would never listen to music during a race again. I fell so many times I think I lost more blood than a visit to the Red Cross ;-/

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