November 4, 2018

Hardrock 100 - Who Will Be Chosen this Time?


I’m keeping my fingers crossed. My application is in (again) for the Hardrock 100 mile endurance run lottery. That’s right, another 100 mile race lottery, which seems to be an annual ritual for me as I head into the holidays. Seems like yesterday when I was at my daughters swim meet 10 years ago checking my phone for updates on the Western States Lottery.

That one I remember, because I got in. It was my first 100 mile race, and I got in! Everything changed for me because of it. My training, my commitment to running, my dedication to make it to the finish line. Lotteries are weird like that. It’s kind of like throwing the dice and seeing what happens. If you come up a winner in a lottery, you feel chosen. Chosen over others who didn’t get selected. Chosen to step up. Chosen to go the distance.

It’s not the same to sign up for a race without a lottery. Heck, I’ve signed up for many a race and not made it to the starting line. It comes down to being distracted, lacking motivation, or just letting life get in the way. It can happen to all of us. Life is complicated!

I’ve never failed to show up for a race after getting accepted through a lottery. How could I? 

I’m looking forward to the odds of being chosen at the Hardrock 100 lottery on December 1.

Fingers crossed!

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