September 17, 2016

Visions. Grandeur. And The Tahahumara.

A few weeks ago, with visions of grandeur and a renewed sense of purpose, I sat down and laid out a new training plan for myself. Oh the possibilities! The images came flooding into my cranium. They were like a wave of morphine enveloping an addict. I pictured myself waltzing up the most gut wrenching climbs. Weightless and stealthy, like a Tahahumara Indian out of Born to Run. Yes, with the right training program, I chanted to myself, I can mold my body into anything and break new barriers I never thought possible!

Funny thing is, all this was in my head. And my head hadn’t consulted with my body. When it did, after doing a couple long runs, there was, well, a little push back. It’s not like these visions were na├»ve, or foolish, like my body is saying, just a little premature, like the “I” is saying.

I don’t know what is worse. Having visions of grandeur with not quite enough to back them up, or just not giving a shit about the possibilities that lie ahead. I know what I believe.

What do you believe?

P.S. This question isn't just about running.


Jukka Kukkonen said...

I ran with a few Tarahumaras in Swiss Alpine ultra trail back in mid-90ies. I had the latest Asics shoes, while they wore sandals cut from old tyres or something. Needless to say, I never saw them after the start. Not sure what they smoked behind the race HQ though :)

Unknown said...

Hey hey Man,
Hope all is going well with your training.

I always do something similar when I first start a season and similar things on my long runs, and regarding other situations where I am embarking on a big goal. I find it to be a necessary part of keeping me motivated! A part of me recognizes that this is not true, but who cares, as far as I am concerned if a little day dreaming is what you need to push forward with any goal, then go for it.

The other thing I do is make sure that the goal I am attempting to achieve on that day, week, month, year is achievable,and some small step towards the enormous goal.

Thank you for your post, fun read!

Will Cooper said...

Thanks TP....long time my friend. Hope all is going well on the other side of the pond! problem is thinking too big and too fast. My body then pays the price. Oh well. Keeping it real! Thanks for the comment.