August 21, 2016

Life Would Be So Simple

If only we were all just inanimate objects. Life would be so simple. Oh, yea, I forgot. Life wouldn't exist. Hence in-an-i-mate. There are times, though, when I feel a lot like an inanimate object. One that has been in motion for a very long time, until confronted by this unbalanced force. And following such unbalanced force, one that is now, comfortably, at rest.

Well, here's to remaining in a state of rest.  Until confronted by the next unbalanced force.

Inanimate or not, one thing running has taught me? We're all subject to the law of motion.  


Jill said...

Are you from Iowa at one time?

Will Cooper said...

No, Jill, but I have relatives from there...Gravity, Iowa to be exact. Love the place. No people, just farmland!

William @ Runnerlight said...

Wow! I like the place where you came. It looks nice. ^^

Jill said...

I had to look up where Gravity is. Not where I thought, but I think it's probably a similar population to where I spent a great deal of my childhood (NE Iowa).

Unknown said...

Nice photos.

I have just taken up training for a marathon, whilst on a ketogenic diet. So just stumbled across your page, whilst doing some research.