December 22, 2014

Stepping Out of Solitary

It was a last minute thing. A text from a friend Friday night. A 7 am start time. A trail I had never run before. Runners I had not met before.

My legs were still recovering from 42 miles the weekend before. What the hell? Isn’t this what ultra running is all about? Diving into the pit with the hope of crawling out without any serious wounds.  

What an awesome day! Turned out to be nine of us - a good mix of OC and San Diego runners. We started at the bottom of San Juan Trail and climbed and climbed up the mighty Los Pinos Trail. I’ve heard so much about this trail but never set foot on it. I’m so glad I did. We returned via Blue Jay campground for water refills and onto the San Juan trail. What an amazing run with a really cool group of runners!     

I think it was Satre who said if you are lonely when you are alone, you’re in bad company. No argument here, as I've got my fair share of solitary training. But sometimes I forget how good it is to train with a posse.

Thanks for the reminder guys! 

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