December 21, 2014

Adidas Heart Rate Technology - A Step Ahead?

Have you ever strapped on a heart rate monitor, started your watch, only to see a heart rate reading that would indicate cardiac arrest? Or, a reading that just isn’t there? There is a solution.

I recently tried a new heart rate system from adidas which offers runners a heart rate sensor that are embedded directly in custom garment tops. The tops are made from a “smart fabric” technology that incorporates special heart rate sensing fiber electrodes woven directly into material. The heart rate monitor sensors work with your body's perspiration to maintain a connection. The sensors will typically activate within the first few minutes of exercise.
What is really cool is that adidas bras, racer tanks, and adidas training shirts are compatible with multi “snap in” transmitters, including Polar WearLink, NuMetrex, adidas miCoach, Garmin strap, and Zephyr HxM. Transmitters will synch with sports watches, Bluetooth Smart® enabled phones, iPod Touch, and cardio equipment. 

The system uses Bluetooth compatibility to support smartphone users. I used the adidas gear on my Iphone with only a few complications. I downloaded the adidas miCoach mobile app which set me up with a Bluetooth Smart-ready connection to the heart rate monitor. The app tracks both personal training data and connects individuals with the miCoach online community, providing access to thousands of professional training tips and programs. The only downside to using my phone for a heart rate monitor is I had to carry it in my hand to see where my reading was, which isn’t ideal for long runs and/or racing. 

All in all, this adidas product is an advanced heart rate monitor system that incorporates some innovative technology for those looking to shed the strap and have fewer false readings. 

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Andy said...

Good review. I will buy it in next year :)