March 10, 2013


Relevance is when you send a message to your body, and it responds with an affirmative. This week was good. I put sixty miles of running in the book, added seven miles of hiking and many hours stretching and core. What is best is that I'm feeling good after running 25 miles in the mountains at 7500'.  I will accept this as a relevant sign that my body is slowly accepting the "envelop" I'm pushing its way.

Some stills from the trail...

PCT Trail Head at Highway 18 

Weird Fort Hidden in the trees where PCT passes Big Bear 

Overlooking the Lucerne Valley

Reportedly the road to Butler Peak
Powder is a Waiting! 
The Long Snow Road
The Mountain Is a Great Motivator


Mel B said...

Thanks for breaking the silence on my new little blog. :-)

I will be coming back here regularly to follow as I am only learning the running busy reading Slow Burn and its a whole new world of thinking for me.

Will Cooper said...

Mel, that is a great book. I've done some work with Stu Mittleman...he is a student of Phil Maffetone and a good guy. I'm interested in hearing how the training regimin works for you.

Brad Davenport said...

Wow! That looks like a great run! You motivate me to pursue my weight loss goals. Running or exercising is such a big challenge but after learning about its effect on you and your body, I want to try it as well and get a relevant response from my body the same way that you did.

EricG said...

Looks like an amazing run Will. Some great trails around here but nothing at that altitude with those views. Peace E

Tato said...

Hey I love this picture of Fort Hidden in the trees that look so awesome and mysterious. I love it too beautiful.