March 2, 2013

New Routes. Favorite Songs

I’ve written that one must find new routes everyday to keep running real. I still believe this, but I need to qualify it.

This week I was on my way to completing a ten mile run, much of it at night. As I was moving through a section of the run I stopped for minute and looked around. I realized that I’d been running on this same trail for 20 years.

The trail felt familiar, but something about it was different. It was like a favorite song that I haven’t listened to in a while. I hear its familiar sound, but then I notice something new about it. The voices, the melody...I’m not sure what.

Like Daron and Serj from System of a Down and their cat and mouse harmony in the song Radio Video. I’ve listened to this song dozens of times, but I never really heard their nuanced vocals intertwine like they do. Or Stevie Nick’s haunting vocal in Silver Springs. Again, I’ve heard it many times, and didn't used to call it a favorite. But then I heard how much she just lays her self out there in the live version of the song. It takes some time to build, but is worth the wait.

I look across the creek next to where I’m standing, I notice the lights reflecting off the still water. There is something new about it...but I’m not sure what.


EricG said...

If it feels new then it's still exciting. Keep on keepin on Will! Peace E

Will Cooper said...

yes it is, Eric. thanks for the words.

Derek Stevenson said...

Very nice post, if it still feels new I think that means you are present in the moment, and there's no greater thing than that -- to be here and now, not off worrying about the past which is gone and the future which doesn't exist yet. If it weren't so cold right now I would head out for a walk!

Speaking of favorite songs, I'll throw in a plug for Neko Case who has some pretty haunting lyrics of her own.