January 22, 2013

The Great Curve

It's been a rather slow blogging period for me these last few months. Sorry folks. The number of posts I've written are at an all time low. I just haven't been motivated to write. Such is life. I think it has something to do with my overall fitness and training. I've written a couple of posts but just can't see the value in publishing them. One was on whether elite runners dope like cyclists. But I realized there is just too much negativity surrounding doping. I would rather write to inspire myself and anyone reading my blog, not dwell on negative energy like that topic does.

As I write this, I realize there is nothing that creates more motivation to write than running itself. If figures, because my running has been lacking as of late. Maybe it's due to my chronic sore groin, or maybe its simply the ebb and flow of my own motivation. One thing I've come to realize is that I can reach out and grab motivation, but I can't always hold on to it. This conversation with myself reminds me of the great Talking Heads song the Great Curve. If motivation where my "world", this song says it all. "the world is near...but it's out of reach...some people touch it, but they can't hold on". I love that song. I used to listen to it really loud in my car.      

In any event, I'm signed up for Vermont 100 and Leadville 100 in July and August. Wooohoo! I'm looking forward to both, but not in the way I used to look forward to 100 milers. In previous years the mere thought of training for and attempting a 100 mile race would send a surge of energy through my veins. I would rush out the door and pile mile upon mile into my training. Then my body would simply break down. Maybe I've finally learned more about my body. About my own feeble limitations. My weaknesses. 

"...A world of light...she's gonna open our eyes up...A world of light...she's gonna open our eyes up
She's gonna hold it move it hold it move it...Hold it move it hold it move it
A world of light...she's gonna open our eyes up..." 

Yes, when my motivation comes around, I'm going to open my eyes up. 


Anonymous said...

Always a surprise to see a new blog (love the videos).Even the fewest of words can inspire .You'll know when it's time to train, just like you know when it's time to blog .

Anonymous said...

Reverse SALTWATER ? Pretty soft course record !!! UNAIDED !

Will Cooper said...

Thanks Bean. I'll be prime soon.

EricG said...

Vermont? Perhaps I can come assist...I am running TARC 100 the week before so not sure I can pace but perhaps I can be your nutrition specialist (aka bottle filler upper)! Peace E

Will Cooper said...

Eric...that would rock! would love to have you on the team in Vermont. I've got a lot of training to do between now and then. Hope you are doing well!

Ashley Jean said...

I appreciate your blogs. They inspire me. I am finally feeling the inspiration to sign up for my first Ultra Marathon!