August 24, 2011

Running the 49th Parallel

Marker One - The Start of the Boarder with Canada
Sometimes it is good to just go easy and enjoy the scenery when running. I got to do just that this last weekend while on vacation and in Vancouver, Canada and Point Roberts, Washington. Vancouver is amazing and has an extensive system of bike trails. One thing I learned though is they don't like to share their bike paths with runners in Vancouver! I made the mistake of running the oposite direction on a bike path and was quickly put in my place when a cyclist yelled at me like a traffic cop.
Random Sunflower Growing Out of the Rocks on Beach
Point Roberts was a little more laid back. A funky little place in US territory, "the Point" is only accessible on land through Canada.  What was really cool about running here was running along the 49th parallel. Cal C and I ran down Roosevelt Avenue which stretched several miles along the Canadian boarder. The only thing separating us from Canada were people's back yards. I also got to run along rock and drift wood covered beaches for several miles. All in all a great time away with the family!  

Orca in the Straight of Georgia off Pt. Roberts


Asha said...

I love Vancouver. And that you caught that jumping orca is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hey check out my friends stretching video.

Will Cooper said...

Thanks Asha, there were three orcas jumping together...I wish I got them all at the same time!

Rachel said...

sounds wonderful!