August 5, 2011

My Article Published in the OC Register

My Pacers Bino and Chris

Yesterday The Orange County Register published an article I wrote about my experience leading up to and running the Angeles Crest 100 mile endurance run. Click here to read. Enjoy!



Wow! just wow. First, that you DID the 100, second, that you managed to condense the whole experience to a short essay! and flitting back thru your blogs, isn't it great that you still managed to finish the 100 AND push your daughter on the tire swing, listening to her giggles... now knowing that one guilty day off of training would not have made a difference-a lesson to us all. Thanks!

Rachel said...

incredible, will! not only do you run ultras, but you are one heck of a writer, too : ) it sounds like you've captured the experience perfectly and have found something that makes your life full. quite a moving and inspiring piece!

Rachel said...

Congrats on finishing AC and writing an excellent race report/article. It captured the essence of what it feels like to finish a 100 and I loved how "from the heart" it was; it renewed my desire to get another buckle. Major kudos for realizing your goal and being an inspiration to so many!

Will Cooper said...

heather, thanks for the kind words. pushing tire swings and hearing giggles are my greatest deeds. everything else pales.

Rachel 1: thanks for the kudos on my writing. blogging and bloggers like you have helped me find my voice. its been a great ride!

Rachel 2: good luck on your next buckle. they're always worth the effort. see you on the trails somewhere in OC!