March 26, 2011

Old Goats 50 Miler -- Race Report

Knowledge is patience. Patience is knowledge. These were the words I kept repeating to myself at the Old Goat 50 miler.  Over and over.

Going in I knew this was going to be a big hurdle.  Old Goats is the second race I entered that is part of the Southern California Ultra Grand Prix series.  A reported 13,423’ of climbing and descending, a lot of technical trail and several stream crossings.  According to the Old Goat website, the “race ranks among the toughest fifty milers in the country”.

This course is nestled in the Santa Ana Mountains, a mountain range that extends for 36 miles between Orange and Riverside counties.  We started out of Blue Jay campground and headed “out and back” for 20 miles through a pretty technical single track.  This was the hors d’oeuvre served to the runners before they were offered up the 4000’, 8 mile climb from the bottom of Holy Jim Canyon to the top of Saddleback Mountain.

I need to say cheers to Charlie Nickell for standing in butt cold water to help all the runners cross a creek before we hit the Candy Store aid station.  Wearing a wetsuit and booties, Charlie stood in a stream for hours to help the runners get through a rather rapid section of the creek. How many people do you know that would do this?

As I made my way up the 4,000’ climb of Holy Jim trail and then Main Divide, I continued my mantra, knowledge is patience and patience is knowledge.  And as I approached the summit, I realized it was beginning to work. Saving my energy on the climb, I had the strength to motor through the last 15 miles.  On another note, have you guys ever listened to the song Rise by Eddie Vedder?  It was in my head for much of these 15 miles.  It’s such a cool song I hope you give it a listen.

9 hours 10 minutes and 7th place overall.  I actually felt good at the finish!

Knowledge is patience. 


Unknown said...

Congrats on the great race!!

Hone said...

Nice. I want that race for sure next year. That is a great time you threw down on a brutal course.

Hone said...

I meant....I want TO RUN that race for sure next year.

Why said...

knowledge is patience and patience is knowledge - I LOVE IT.. we play a game with MarathonMantra's every so often on the inspirational page below..

gotta run,


Will Cooper said...

Thanks Stacey.

Hone this course is one that you would love. Its all ups and downs, something you tend to eat up!

RunnerinLV said...

Wow, impressive performance. Congrats.

EricG said...

Cheers to Charlie for his outstanding work. Love Eddie Vedder (just announced a solo tour fyi). And of course another kick ass run Will. Congrats. Peace EricG

Rachel said...

stellar job on the 50! i'll keep your mantra in mind during my first 50 next weekend : )

Will Cooper said...

Just confirmed Vedder is doing a tour. I'm going for tickets now! Rise my friends!