March 30, 2011

Crossing the Catalina Channel

Last weekend I accompanied a stand-up paddle boarding team that raced from Catalina Island to Dana Point California -- 39 miles across the Catalina channel. The two-man team consisted of my brother Al C and Keith.  The crew boat was captained by Greg P who was supported by his son and first mate Daniel P with me serving as head swabby.    I filled in by grabbing the board during the many transitions along this trek, downing Red Bulls on the hour and scarfing whatever food remnants I had leftover from my 50 mile race the day before.  It was a great effort by Al and Keith who paddled a combined 8 hours and 42 minutes, much of the time in a difficult head wind,  and came in third place in the Masters two-man relay division.  Good job guys!

Al C


gottatryit said...

Great photos! I must be completely out of the loop, but I never heard of a paddle board race...and had no idea that it would be 39 mi. Looks like a great race. Thanks for the post! Check out my blog:

Unknown said...

Looks like fun :-)

successwithusana said...

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