December 8, 2010

40 Top Running Books

I was recently contacted by a website that has put together this list of top running books. I didn't think much of this until I looked at some of the authors on the list....Sheehan, Noakes, Glover, Fitzgerald, Bannister, McDougall, and Burfoot are just a few of the "exhilarating" authors included on this list.  I've read most of these authors and recommend you investigate these reads, whether you're an aspiring young runner or an old dog looking for some new tricks.  Remember, regardless of your age, you're either green and growing, or ripe and rotting.  Reading prevents the latter and promotes the former.


Rís said...

There is a great new running book just published by Irish author, Ian O'Riordan - not sure of the name of the book but should google it!

LazyGirl said...

I've read three of these: Murakami's 'What I think about..', 'Born to Run'both great. Honestly think 'The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer' by David Whitsett, Forrest Dolgener and Tanjala Kole is the best place to start for a first-time marathon. Did the trick for me!

Laura (

AFib Runner said...

i dont know about this list.
There are five books better than the Lore of Running ?

Daniels' Running Formula isnt on the list at all?

And too many books from the editors of Runner's World...

But it looks like that site is built as SEO spam to generate traffic for online education maybe I am quibbling.

Asha said...

Thanks for passing it along.

The Best Treatments for Achilles Heel Pain said...

Where is the legend?

The Complete Book of Running by James Fixx (1982)


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