August 6, 2010

Investigation of Cycling Hero Intensifies

Call it destiny, bad luck, fate, innuendo, jealousy, or simple justice, Lance Armstrong's empire is at risk of falling faster than Barry Bonds' bid for the Hall of Fame.  Empire?  Yes, seven straight victories at the Tour de France, an empire built on a certain rise from the ashes, a defiance of the grim reaper, a cult of confidence.  Is this possible?  Everyone seemed to be looking around, wondering.  He's never tested positive....he's the hardest working athlete...he's got the best team....he's...he's...he's BEING INVESTIGATED BY THE UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, PEOPLE!

I'm not going to to go any further with this, but check this out if you want more...


Davey P said...

you have to be rather naive to have athletes as heroes, most are genetically gifted drug users and nothing more.
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Will Cooper said...

not sure if that is the case across all sports. several though.