August 31, 2009

2009 Angeles Crest 100 Mile Run Cancelled

When mother nature speaks, she usually has something dramatic to say. For those of us who have to listen, it often comes as one sudden disappointment, even sacrifice. Last year, as she wielded her powers down on the forests of Placer County, dozens of fires rose from lightening strikes, and hundreds of Western States runners, some traveling across the globe, were told to quietly go home. The race had been canceled. Runners of the 2009 Angeles Crest 100 mile endurance now face the same disappointing reality.

As one who experienced the Western States 2008 cancellation, I can only say this -- accept the fact that we type-As can't control everything and indeed control very little; get over the obsession of the "event" and celebrate the journey; and get on to another venue where you can display your fitness and resolve. Oh yea, don't feel guilty about tipping a few extra to get over the angst.

Keep it real runners


AFib Runner said...

I hear the Javelina Jundred 100 RD is allowing in ac100 runners who are looking for a substitute race.

Unknown said...


Thanks for your post. I think it's the first one I've seen regarding the AC100 cancellation for this year.

Those of us in the race do now know something about the feelings the WS100 runners last year had to go through. it is a true bummer, but there are worse things that could happen in life. It's not the end! Life is still good!

I didn't tip a few, but I definitely had a nice big meal last night, with no care about having to keep losing a couple of extra pounds before the race.

Your advice to focus on another venue is wise. Wish there were still more true mountain 100s run in the Fall that one could still enter, but that is not the case.

For whatever reason, I'm really only interested in running the mountain 100s.

It is indeed a great disappointment, the cancellation, but there are some good things about it:

I now don't have to miss my little son's soccer game on the 19th nor his soccer team picture day on the 20th. I am quite serious; I was bummed I was not going to be able to be there for those things for my son. Now I will be able to there.

There is also a group running R2R, as you did last year or the year before. That is something interesting that I would like to do.

The Noble Canyon 50K is on 9/26/09. That will be fun to run in now.

Take care and see you out on the trail. Thanks for your thoughtful post and advice.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where there is going to be any sort of a refund? It seems outrageous that we wouldn't get at least some of our money back. As an absolute bare minimum we should at least get the t-shirts and what not that we would have got with the Very Expensive entry fee. The email from the RD said that more info would be posted on the race website, but nothing has been listed.

Does anyone know what happened to entrants to WS when it was cancelled? Did they get a refund, or free entry into the 2009 or 10 race? Deeply disappointed that I won't be running next weekend.

Anonymous said...


Most races that are canceled due to conditions beyond the RD's control don't offer refunds. The money has already been spent. Even if the race is canceled, permits had to be obtained and paid for, liability insurance had to be purchased, supplies had to be contracted for, advertising and public relations expenses were incurred. Sorry. No refund likely.

Pasadena offered no refund last November. We did get the T shirts since we'd already picked up race packets, and we were offered the medals. (Now why you would want a medal for a race that didn't happen is another question.) Santa Clarita in 2003 offered a partial refund but no T shirts -- though if you look at the 2004 shirts in the right light you can see where they silkscreened the 2004 date right over the 2003 date!

Perhaps 2009 entrants may get a break on the 2010 entry fee, but if that doesn't happen, that's life. Entering a race in SoCA means you are assuming the risk of cancellation due to wildfire.

Sorry for the disappointment.

vibram said...

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