March 1, 2009

A Good Day on the Dirt

Today marked my first “long” run on trail this season, and it was good to have company! I was joined by the original Elvis Jeff P. and ultra veteran Sena H. We kicked off the run at 7 a.m. under a clear blue (and warming) sky. What a day! The California Wildflowers are definitely on the rise, beckoned no doubt by the radiating sun over our heads.

We ran the from the ocean up the El Moro trail to the Laguna Nix Nature Center, back out, then down to the Laguna Canyon Ranger Station, and then up to Top of the World via the ever intimidating “Stair Step” trail. This was some good climbing folks.

I ended the day at 32 miles. Jeff P, training for the Miwok 100k in May, took it out for 30 miles (right Jeff?) and Sena, training for the Pasadena Marathon put down 20. Thanks for the great run Jeff and Sena!


Mel-2nd Chances said...

32 miles! Wow. I can't even imagine. You're a rock star. Btw, thanks for your comments the other day about the HR training, that helped a lot, and I just read your interview with Dr. Maffetone. Incredible!

Rick Gaston said...

Good stuff. Always good to have company for the long runs, makes the miles go by faster. I'll see your friend Jeff at Miwok and good luck with your training for WS. I'm a two-time loser for this year but last year's fire just made a mess of things as you know. I'm guaranteed a spot for 2011 and eligible to enter the lottery in 2010. Good thing there's 50 other 100-mile races.

Thanks for stopping by. The longer mileage and the new workouts in the gym is certainly putting the hurt on me right now. Just waiting for the body to adapt and I'm not shy about backing down when recovery is taking longer than usual. Good to hear that more miles in training has worked for you, been hearing that from a lot of folks and I'll see if it's true for me as well. Now to find the time to layer in some structured speed work.

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