November 30, 2017

Cold Air Greets Me

Wooded Trail Washington DC

It’s not often when living in So Cal that a breath of cold air greets me before a run. This week offered me just that as I strolled onto a wooded trail that was blanketed with colorful autumn leaves in the politically effervescent city of Washington, DC.

Washington DC National Cathedral

I made my way up to Wisconsin avenue and then circled one of my favorite buildings, the National Cathedral, a gothic-clad megalith I used to explore to impress girls in college. Once I snuck myself and another through the back door and up a hidden staircase. We found our way onto an obscure balcony where we stood, solemnly, peering down on a choir performing a classic choral hymn.

It was just one of those moments that has stuck with me for a long time. 

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