August 27, 2017

To Run and Not to Run. I Appreciate Both.

Jeff P - Not running and not on foot

One of my favorite things about running is not running.

That's right. Just plain not running, or at least certain kinds of running. For sake of clarity, I'll refer to this type of running as hell or high water running.  You know,  running not for the love or joy of running, but rather to prepare and train for something, which some of us tend to do "come hell or high water."  If you've trained for a marathon or an ultra, you know what I mean. This is running all the time running, or running because you have to running, which of course makes running a responsibility like doing the dishes or brushing your teeth.   My friend Jeff P (above) always talks about "time on foot" running. I don't mind that kind of running, because a lot of the time your not actually running.

How does one appreciate something by not doing it? My feeling is if you do something enough, you learn to appreciate it even more when your not actually doing it.

Run, rest, reflect. Repeat.


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