November 25, 2015

Oh, To Be Drunk on Writing!

Ok. It’s been a record three weeks of zero blog posts here folks. My longest streak in eight years. And it’s not like I don’t have anything “running” to write about during this time. Quite the opposite actually.

Like, for example, the running of the 12th annual Saltwater 5000. An annual trek from the Pacific Ocean to Santiago Peak, the highest peak in Orange County. The hour we spent on the top of the mountain could be the highest I’ve been in a long, long time.

Or, for that matter, the pacing of a friend at Chimera 100 miler, where I watched my runner sink slowly into the darkest abyss after coming within 20 minutes of not making a cutoff. She struggled to breathe. She couldn’t move any faster. So we sat, briefly, to talk, and to curse the race director. She didn’t give up. It wasn’t an option. As daylight broke, so too did the darkest abyss, into many pieces.

Bradbury wrote that you must get drunk on writing so reality doesn’t destroy you. I’m either suffering from a writing hangover or just fallen off the wagon. Yes, prose may betray me for now, but not forever.

Keep it real runners.  


Unknown said...

Great quote from Bradbury. I think us mere mortals all go thru peaks & valleys writing... as well as running.

wcooperjr said...

Much obliged Greg. Realizing the peaks and valleys aren't just limited to running 100 miles, or running period, for that matter. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!