April 17, 2014

Looking for Why

Why is an illusive word, especially for ultra runners, at least this ultra runner. It bubbles up at awkward times, only to fade away when I think I have found it. Then, out of nowhere, it jumps back up and slaps me in the face. That is when I wonder if I will ever learn why.

Though it hides from me when I’m on a solid run. Like last night, when I started my run wondering why. Then after 10 minutes it simply slipped away as I scampered 12 miles over one of my favorite trails.

As I neared the end of my run, and looked across the horizon and saw the sun setting. I was sure I had found why. But, as I learned later that night, it wasn’t to be.  

Whether I ever find it, I will just have to keep on looking for it. Maybe that is all there is to why

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it's all about pace said...

maybe that's just it.... it gives us time/relative silence/peace to ponder the why