February 9, 2014

Swim Stroke Sundaes

When I blink my eyes, everything is different. Slightly, ever so slightly closer to tomorrow. To next month. Next year. I just wish I could remember this. Every time. Before they go on their way.

When raising 10 and 15 year old daughters, I have to be persistent. If I want them to refine their swim stroke, I’ve learned that I have to come up with an incentive.  Because an hour in the pool with a coach is like being sent to the likes of teenage purgatory. But 10 minutes chatting with them while feasting on a hot-fudge sundae is like nirvana to me. Ergo, genesis “swim stroke sundaes.”

It takes 10,000 years for energy from the sun’s core to work it’s way to the surface. Then, in 8 minutes, it reaches the surface of the earth and I can feel it touching my skin as I watch them from the side of the pool. Time can seem infinite. Then you blink. And it doesn’t seem so much anymore.

I just wish I could remember.


Jukka Kukkonen said...

Brilliant blog Will!

it's all about pace said...

you seem to be savoring the moments... and enjoying the memories.

They will too

Anonymous said...

You never know when you do something that it might be the last time you do it . The last time i saw my dad, i never thought it would be the last time. Don't take anything for granted.....it might be the LAST TIME .

wcooperjr said...

thanks TP and Pace. Bino...thanks for sharing your story...I know you miss him.