May 25, 2013

Dare to Cross

Today a routine run turned into a four legged scramble up the side of a mountain. Nothing special, until we emerged from beneath thick chaparral to the top of a ridge and stumbled upon a 70 foot cross. Three hours in got us no more than maybe 10 miles, one of my favorite kind of "runs," even though this one should be categorized as more of a hike. At one point we were forced to turn around by a "trail guide" policing the great outdoors around Blackstar Canyon. Not to worry, it turns out, as this detour led us to our disoriented excursion. What followed were bullet holes, peacocks, vultures, crags, shrub and lots of crosses.


Jukka Kukkonen said...

I've been advocating cross-training for years, finally someone tries to follow my advice! :)

Pat Cobb said...

Is the trail challenging or just right? Love to see those animals in their natural habitat. I love hiking but I don't really see much animals.

Unknown said...

Looks... unwelcoming