June 10, 2012

UTMB Training. Do I Need a Therapist?

Do you sometimes wonder (I mean worry or freak out) if your training is up to snuff? Whether your doing all the right things to train for your big event? Have you ever felt you might not have the perfect amount of hills, speed, trails, roads, heat, cold, altitude, nutrition, hydration, threshold, lifting, stretching, and recovery in your training? I have.

Today I got some feedback from a good friend. He said that I’m analyzing my training runs too much. He is probably right. He recommended that I just keep moving forward on my runs and stop worrying about all these details. Is that possible? I’m not sure. Is it possible for an anal retentive type A obsessed runner to simply move forward? Hmm...wouldn’t that be moving backward?

Anyway, here are a few pics from today’s run with Rob M (my new therapist). Another UTMB focused training day that came up short on the feet per mile metric that I’m now obsessed with. We left Holy Jim trail head (1,725’) and ran to the top of Santiago Peak (5,689’), twice. Total ascent for the run: 8500 feet. Total miles run: 33. Total ascent per mile: 257.5. UTMB ascent per mile? 300+

Guess I need to just keep moving forward!

Self Portrait--Where is the Prozac?

Rob M sitting on the summit


Cory Reese said...

I definitely wonder (worry) if my training is sufficient. With the ultras, there are so many variables that it's hard to know if you're really prepared or not.

I think your conclusion is right - we just need to focus on keeping moving. Well done!

EricG said...

Keep moving forward is right Will. That is a kick as training run in my book. Great getting together last week. Hope to see you again soon. Next time for a run. Peace and Have A Great Day. E

Rachel said...

there have been few times in this training cycle that i haven't worried whether my training is enough. but then i also try to remind myself that there is no "one size fits all" approach to training.

and 257' per mile? crazy!

Will Cooper said...

Thanks Cory and Eric. I'm not sure how much I'm moving forward at times. Thanks for the encouragement.

Molly said...

ok, first I read the title "Do I need a therapist?" and thought, "Why yes, Willie. Yes you do." I mean really, who among the marathon/ultramarathon community doesn't?

Then I kept reading only to learn that you picked Rob McNair as your therapist? And you ran up Holy Jim to the top of Saddleback TWICE? And now you feel better?

It may be time for an intervention......


Gavin Woody said...

Hey Will, good to see you are still putting one foot in front of the other! Great to see you at Capitol Peak 50M (and thx for the shout-out in your blog). I have Western States in 2 weeks. My taper is keeping up with my one-week-old daughter :-). All the descending during WS won't be good training for UTMB but I'll get back on the ascent-wagon afterwards. Good luck with your training and can't wait to see you in Chamonix!

Will Cooper said...

Molly, Rob is getting wiser in his old age. BTW, we saw John W (Jennifer's husband) on Holy Jim. Seems to be a popular place.

Gavin, good luck at Western States and congrats on the new family member! Rock it!

Unknown said...

I am definitely certain that my training is not where it should be for my race in August....... no illusions of grandeur here!

If you're putting in the mileage then you're doing just fine!!!!!

Don't worry, ou can still obsess as long as you're moving forward =D

Iron Knight said...

Will, you are my polar opposite, my training is half ass at best, I dont keep track of anything, I miss more days/weekends/months sometimes. At time, I wish I could be more like the hyper anal triathletes I used to train with, then I remind myself that for now, for me, I like to be running in the hills with my friends, my family, my brothers and sisters in this crazy community, and that's what I dig. I find if I have my shiz together mentally and emotionally, running is easy and fun(it isnt a top ten finish but it is easy and fun) We all do what works baby, dont change a thing!