May 21, 2012

Mountain Splendor

Mt. San Gorgonio from Anderson Pk. 

There is nothing like running in the mountains. You breathe air that don't normally breathe. You see things you don't usually see. You find things you don't normally find.

If the mountains offer one thing, escaping the daily crap that we all obsess over is high on the list. Some people choose therapy. Others drugs. For me, mountains provide that relief.

Here are a few pics from last weekends run along the 10,000' ridge in the San Bernardino Mountain range.

Standing in a bed of Thorns
Metal Bin Stores Sign in Journal - Mt. San Bernardino E

Trail Merge Sign - Morgan before her San Gorgornio Ascent 


Rachel said...

ahhh yes, nothing like escaping to the mountains!

Cory Reese said...

Those are great pictures. That place looks incredible!

I totally agree with you about being in the mountains and running on trails. Those runners who stick strictly to roads have no idea what they're missing.

Will Cooper said...

thanks all. yes, mountains rule!

EricG said...

Just got back from my Grand Canyon adventure Will. Looks like you had your own adventure as always. Nice pictures. Peace E

Will Cooper said...

Eric, i look forward to hearing more about your R2R2R adventure!