February 15, 2012

When Things Happen for a Reason

Just the other day I was reviewing my miles and training hours over the last several weeks. Things have been going very well, so well I think was feeling my oats a little too much too early in the season. I know this because I had to wobble home Monday night after a run from a sore groin. It flared up minutes after doing 10 x 100 yard surges and a few days after doing several mile repeats at threshold pace. I felt great during these runs and simply let loose a little too much. How do I know? Not only did I strain my groin, but I woke up Tuesday morning with a head cold. In the time its taken me to write this, I’ve blown through a half dozen tissues. 

Due to my sore groin and head cold I haven’t run in the last two days. But this is a good thing, because my body needs rest too, and it talks to me when it needs to. It tells me things happen for a reason. 

What does your body tell you?


Rachel said...

take it easy and feel better soon!

EricG said...

a glass of scotch will cure that cold! Peace E

Run-Dream-Achieve said...

You need to rest pal. All of us need it. Once you're recharged let's run again.

Jessica said...

Could agree more. Get well soon.

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