May 14, 2011

150 Miles Down, 262 Miles To Go

Three races are now in the book. Avalon 50 mile, Old Goats 50 Mile and Leona Divide 50 mile.  All behind me.  So now comes the fun stuff. Bishop High Sierra 100k (10,000 feet elevation gain) next weekend, San Diego 100 mile (12,300‘ elevation gain) three weeks after that, then the grand daddy Angeles Crest 100 mile (with some 21,600 feet of elevation gain) in July.  To be honest I haven’t really been thinking about the road ahead as much as I’ve taken things day to day.  I think my body is ready for the challenge, now I just need to get my mind ready.

I’ll be heading up to Bishop next weekend with two training buddies Bino M and Rob M.  This will my first time running Bishop and I’m looking forward to getting on the trail up there.  The course ascends to over 8’500 feet with most of it at 7,000’ elevation or higher. It will be interesting to see how my body handles things up there.  Whatever is to come, I’m excited about running a low-key, old school ultra event which this race is known for.  

Below is a profile of the elevation of the course.  Note the arrow which is the elevation of Denver just to put things in perspective! 

Bishop High Sierra 100k Profile


EricG said...

Go get it Will. Keep moving forward. Can't wait to read about your adventures. Peace E

Alfonso Caso de los Cobos Martinez said...

A great ride, really seems to make that admirable goal.

Rachel said...

wow! that's a whole lot of miles! sounds like the upcoming races will be challenging but you sound more than ready. good luck and looking forward to hearing how they go!

Chris Price said...

Wow, you're running a bunch of sweet races, more than I could ever do, keep it up. said...

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