April 22, 2011

Music on the Mind

I'm often reminded how much music influences my mood, thoughts, even my perspective.  I remember when I was in college and I changed my major because of music.  I won't go into detail for fear of reprisal by big brother but I owe it to the Clash, more specifically Joe Strummer, who often sang about a world of injustices, cataclysmic idealism and even  misfit youths.  

Now, thanks to the Music Genome Project, I can stream music into my brain like DNA from my saliva, or electrodes from my synapse. I love music, yet I’m not sure about the technology that now controls it.  Don't get me wrong.  I stream Pandora with the best of 'em, especially on long runs over several hours when I'm going it alone.  I should be rejoicing in the made-for-me-random rhythms it throws down on my plate.  Hell, I lap it up like a pig at a trough. 

But there is a subtle, albeit sinister, doubt lodged somewhere deep in my stubborn cortex.  Is music made to be streamed at the touch of the finger to an "I" this or an "I" that?  Is there any magic lost when you can hear any tune, anywhere, anytime, with anybody doing anything for any reason? Listening to music used be like playing Russian Roulette with adrenalin.  You never knew where or when you would hear a song that would send a surge through your limbic system.  Now music is like picking up a prescription from Rite Aid.  Need a surge of aggression?  Dial Rhapsody for The Chrystal Method. Melancholy?  Type in System of a Down.

Call it Orwellian paranoia, but sometimes I miss my RCA turntable that used to play Sandinista only so loud before the speakers nearly burst from Paul Simonon's heavy base beat.  I know I'm aging myself kids, but that memory is only blurred by the Schlitz Malt Liquor talls that accompanied it.

Excuse the rant folks, it's just a Rebel's Waltz.


Author said...

I like where your mind is at, but how much nicer is it to not have to worry about lugging around tapes/CDs/vinyl....I think your issue lies with the music not the tech you get it from.

"Only in Jamaica man"- Mike Stipe REM

Anonymous said...

get some help you freek.

Will Cooper said...

Thanks bino!

Emz said...



I. Heart. Music.

And. That. Photo.......rocks.

Anonymous said...

That is a great pic.I got poison oak all over me!!!! What the hell???However, i'm ready for more. p.s. how'd you know that was me?

Will Cooper said...

tyler, I agree music is more convenient now, but then again so are drive throughs. But are they better?

Bino, I have my ways of knowing!

EMZ..aren't you getting ready for your 24 hour treadmill run? Good luck!

Merryl said...

This can't have effect in actual fact, that's exactly what I think.