January 6, 2011

360 Degrees of Motivation

Today’s run almost didn’t happen.  As I sat at my desk this afternoon feeling run down from working through my second cold in a month, my head felt like it was full of enough Elmer’s glue to supply a second grade craft project.  I coaxed myself into it by making a promise just to go out easy on a 10 miler. What the heck, I thought, maybe I’ll feel better once I’m out there.

So there I was. Running along on a familiar trail, trying to determine how the next hour and half would unfold.  As I moved through my playground, the motion took control of my mood, while my eyes feasted on the spectacles around me.

Sure, the dirt turned to sludge under my feet, and mud rose to my ankles, but when I looked up, the sky drooped with golden clouds that glowed like magic plumes.  Yes, a favorite trail of mine was closed, and I couldn’t run down my preferred route, but when I turned around, Saddleback Mountain glowed from the sun’s nascent rays.  Of course, I could feel the grasp of a stubborn cold, and my breath struggled to find its place, but as I stood under this inviting sky, I turned, and turned, and turned.  By the time I turned 360 degrees, I knew I’d made the right choice.  Indeed, I found my motivation.

I felt better being out there. 

Here is what I saw when I turned all the way around. Be sure to click on the enlarge icon on the bottom and listen to the sounds.  

360 Degrees of Motivation from Will C on Vimeo.


EricG said...

One word Will....NICE (oh and feel better) Peace EricG

Will Cooper said...

Thanks Eric...feeling better, but still not 100%.

Clynton said...

Sweet. Those are the moments you feel alive, eh?! I just had a similar experience tonight. Didn't feel like going out for a trail run in the dark, but it was worth it.