February 18, 2009

Fartleking on my 46th!

I awoke today on the great island of Oahu to celebrate my 46th birthday with family. Wow, what a change in climate! Going from 50 degrees and constant rain (and hail yesterday) in California to 80 degrees and sunny is what I'm talking about!

I stepped outside this morning for a 10 mile run. Unlike the past 6 weeks, this week marks an introduction to fartleking or speed play to help me transition from exclusive slow aerobic work I've been doing to more varied training. I'll be doing these workouts a couple of times per week for the next month or more.

I ran along Kahala Drive from Kahala Beach past Diamond Head to Kapi'olani Park, surging up the hill, down the hill, along the road, through the park, fast to slow and back again. I stopped at 24 Hour fitness at the half way point to hammer out 2x25 curls, tri extensions, and a few other weight lifting exercises. From there I was back on my feet, running fast and slow, over the hill and for just a moment, I stood still to glance across the Pacific Ocean on top of the cliff at Diamond Head. Awesome! Am I really 46? I don't feel like it today!


Mel-2nd Chances said...

Happy birthday! Enjoy your vacation!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah It feels great to be 46 - I only wish to be to be able to feel it in Hawaii like you! Well done.