January 9, 2009

The College BCS Bowl -- What a Joke!

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck! And I say the college football "BCS" championship series laid an egg this year.

A college football team has now been crowned the “2008 National Champions” under the BCS Championship Series. Last night Florida beat Oklahoma in the big game and earned the right to call themselves “National Champions”. But are they the real champions? According to Rick Reilly of ESPN magazine, absolutely not. The real champions are the Utah Utes, who went undefeated at 13 – 0 this season and beat 4 ranked teams, and culminated their year by slaughtering Alabama (which was ranked number 1 for 5 weeks this season). And they did it in Alabama’s back yard, the Sugar Bowl.

What does this rant have to do with running? Nothing. But I needed a place to vent. What are your thoughts? Are you a runner that cares nothing about college football? Maybe so, but you must believe in justice! After reading Rick Reilly’s article I nearly lost it. How can the BCS (“Bowl Championship Series”) be taken seriously, even remotely? If the BCS continues, the least we can do is admit Utah and Boise State to the PAC 10. This would give these teams more than a snowball's chance in hell to play for the Championship and, yes UCLA fans, it would give the PAC 10 legitimacy beyond USC!

There. I’m done. Comments?


Anonymous said...

Hear, Hear!
and Hook 'em Horns!


Anonymous said...

I guess this is what happens when you run to much and deplete your brain of oxygen.

Anonymous said...

The BCS sucks! Based on the system we currently have, UTAH should be the champs. The SEC & Big 12 are overrated...and neither conference plays D! USC gets penalized because it plays in an "inferior" conference...the only conference that went undefeated in bowl games...no thanks to UCLA.
Until we get a playoff, this crap will continue to happen. It's time to settle it on the field, not with east coast biased sportswriters or in the halls of ESPN. The Trojans defense would have overwhelmed Florida's weak offense and "teeeeeebow" would have been knocked out cold by Taylor Mays the first time he tried to run the ball.

Anonymous said...

ps - Nice hineygate photo....OSU does know how to tailgate!

Anonymous said...

The Bovine Excrement Series is a bad joke. We need a college football playoff, just like the pros. The final rankings should be:

1. USC.
2. Utah.
3. Florida.
4. Boise State.
5. Oklahomo.
6. Penn State.
7. Ohio State.

After that, it don't matter.

Will Cooper said...

Wow! Leave it to college football to create emotion and excitement. I agree, Bill, playoff or bust.

Anonymous said...

Come on...Utah plays in the Mountain West Conference! The four ranked teams they beat were:

Oregon State (By 3 points)
TCU (By 3 points)

All are good teams but they didn't exactly dominate in wins over Oregon State and TCU. Florida beat LSU, Georgia, BAMA and Oklahoma. How can you argue that Utah played a tougher schedule?

And USC fans...We all know you took your faux gold plated USC license plate cover off your new Benz the day after they tanked against Oregon State. Just because you beat an overated Penn State team doesn't mean you could hang with the SEC all year long.

Go Irish!