October 28, 2008

Running The Grand Canyon

So its now official. Last Friday I booked my flight to Flagstaff. I'll be joining Kevin, Jeff and other deranged endorphin junkies to run "the big ditch", otherwise known as the Grand Canyon. We plan to start Saturday, November 8 at 4 am to embark on a run from "rim to rim to rim". Our planned route is estimated to be 48 miles and will take us on from the south rim to north rim and back. I'm told the total elevation gain/loss is around 22,600' (down, up, down, up). We'll be taking the Bright Angel Trail which is a little longer than the South Kaibab route. Running this time of year can be cold on the rim (20's in the am) but should warm into the high 60s as we get into the canyon. Clothing will be a focus.

Other than having to run 48 miles up and down 22,000 feet, I'm really looking forward to this event. I've only been to the Grand Canyon once, and it was part of a Las Vegas trip when I won $2,200 cash playing video poker. This was the only thing I've ever won in Vegas. To say the least I enjoyed that trip immensely. The feel of the cash...I mean Canyon...was incredible, as I recall, and I can't wait to see it again, this time while I run.

I promise many photos on this one and possibly a video post. Stay tuned.


Peter Lubbers said...

Sounds awesome. Have fun!
Looking forward to the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Wow that's great news. Good luck for your rim2rim2rim.

Frayed Laces said...

WOW! That is so friggin cool! I expect lots of pictures, buddy!

Anonymous said...

Grand Canyon will be soo beautiful! I can't wait to hear your tales & see the photo's & video!

Will Cooper said...

Ok, its only Thursday, but I'm getting my stuff together for the big ditch. I'm trying to think of how I plan to do this video post. I can't wait for this one! Thanks guys, for tuning in.