June 21, 2008

Tapering Up High

Countdown…One Week to Western States!

Yes, I’m starting to feel a little anxious. What is one to do? I can’t run much because I’m tapering. Uh oh, does that mean I should starting worrying about the race? How hot will it be? What will I feel like at mile 80? Will I be able to run? How will my stomach perform? Will it help me along the way? How will my legs perform. Will they stand strong? Yes these thoughts have crossed my mind. At this point, though, I figure what happens, happens!

Here are a few photos of some hikes and runs I did this last week in the San Bernardino Mountains. My favorite was a 5 mile hike that took me to the foot of Sugerloaf Mountain, a dome shaped peak that stands an elusive 9,952’ feet (I made it to 9,000’). I took the 2E18 trail which approaches Sugerloaf from Bear Mountain ski area. This is really cool single track trail that gently rolls up and down from 8,500’ to over 9,000’ in elevation. It’s the highest I’ve found in the Big Bear area.

Sugerloaf Mountain (9,952') from the western ridge

Big Bear Lake in distance. Standing at 9,000' on 2E18 trail to Sugerloaf Mt.

All I can do now is reflect on the work I’ve done and the fun I’ve had along the way. I’m pretty confident that, regardless of what happens on race day, I will be able to look back on this experience with a smile. Its been a great ride!

Tree People...Run!

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Greg said...

Awesome photos, Will. You've done all the work. Now relax and have fun come race day!